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Here you can find an overview of our printed material and download it conveniently as a PDF.

Product-specific Information: LAVANID® 1/2

ProductInstructions for useCertificates
LAVANID® 1downloaddownload
LAVANID® 2downloaddownload

Product-specific Information: LAVANID®-Wound Gel / LAVANID®-Wound Gel V+

LAVANID®-Wound gel / LAVANID®-Wound gel V+
ProductInstructions for useCertificates
LAVANID® - Wound Gel / LAVANID® - Wound Gel V+ Syringedownloaddownload
LAVANID® - Wound Gel / LAVANID® - Wound Gel V+ Tubedownloaddownload

Product-specific Information: LAVANID®-dressing

ProductBrochureInstructions for use
LAVANID┬«-dressing 5cm x 5cmdownloaddownload
LAVANID®-dressing 10cm x 10cmdownloaddownload

Product-specific Information: LAVANOX-Serag®

ProduktBrochureInstructions for useDeclaration of Conformity
LAVANOX-Serag®-Wound irrigation solution - 250 mldownloaddownloaddownload
LAVANOX-Serag®-Wound irrigation solution - 1000 mldownloaddownloaddownload
LAVANOX-Serag®-Wound spray - 75 mldownloaddownloaddownload
LAVANOX-Serag┬«-Wound spray gel (Hydrogel) - 75 mldownloaddownloaddownload
LAVANOX-Serag┬«-Wound gel - 50 mldownloaddownloaddownload