Wound management

A distinction is made in modern wound management between dry and moist wound treatment. SERAG-WIESSNER has specialised in moist wound management and is your expert in this field, thanks to a perfectly matched product range with a wide selection of various product containers and dosage forms. The aim of moist wound treatment is to create a suitable wound healing environment, reduce the risk of infection, and promote wound healing. Our products are very well suited for cleansing, moistening and covering chronic and acute wounds. In particular, they support the exudation and granulation phase during the wound healing process. SERAG-WIESSNER is the only supplier on the German market that provides preserved products containing polyhexanide or sodium hypochlorite/hypochlorous acid in its product range.

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LAVANID® 1/2 - Wound Irrigation Solutions

Wound irrigation solutions with preservative
based on Ringer's solution German Pharmacopoeia (DAB) 7

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LAVANID® Wound Gel / Wound Gel V+

Hydrogels with preservative, with varying degrees of viscosity

LAVANID - Wundverband in der Gr├Â├če 5cm x 5cm und 10cm x 10cm

LAVANID® - Dressing (Wound Dressing)

Ready-to-use sterile, moist dressing with polihexanide.

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LAVANOX-Serag® wound irrigation solution and wound spray

Medical devices based on water with 0.08% sodium hypochlorite

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LAVANOX-Serag® wound spray gel (hydrogel)

Hydrogel in an innovative dosage form for use as a spray