SERATEX® SlimSling®

Combination of textile tape implant and atraumatic needle

Working together with medical experts, our textile engineers have succeeded in producing SERATEX® SlimSling®, a combination of suture material and textile implant. SERATEX® SlimSling® is visible on MRI scans, and is available as a non-absorbable implant. The large pores allow tissue ingrowth and consequently the integration of the implant. When stretched, it gives in a controlled manner and returns to its original shape once the tension is released. The implant holds its shape even under lateral pressure.


  • combination of suture material and textile implant
  • flexible - slim - yet resilient
  • maintains its shape when stretched as well as under lateral pressure
  • elastic and stable

SERATEX® SlimSling® product data


 dyed, monofilament, non-absorbable


0.3 x 90 cm with HRX-27 needle

Pore size:

~ 2 x 1.5 mm


The risks that may be encountered even with the correct use of the product are given in the Instructions for Use.

Further information

Mimics the bodyÔÇÖs natural structures

The advantage of this combination is that the textile implant is already fixed to an atraumatic HRX needle made of 300 series stainless steel. Thanks to its slim fit, minimally invasive procedures are possible. A further feature of SERATEX® SlimSling® is that it maintains its structure under both moderate tension and lateral pressure, i.e. there is no significant loss of width and it holds its shape even under tension while at the same time remaining flexible.


SERATEX┬« SlimSling┬« is used for prolapse and in cases of urge incontinence, when the functionality of the ligaments is no longer sufficiently guaranteed. In a cervicosacropexy, for example, the cervix is attached to the sacral bone, mimicking the function of the uterosacral ligament. Tightening up the anterior wall of the vagina provides support for the bladder and brings it back into the correct anatomical position. 

Other potential uses are:

  • Urge incontinence due to prolapse
  • To eliminate the causes of central prolapse by sacrocolpopexy, sacrohysteropexy or pectopexy

Advantages of SERATEX® SlimSling®

  • Thanks to the stability of SERATEX┬« SlimSling┬« in combination with the SERAPRO┬« RTD reusable tunnelling device, the tape can be tunnelled beneath the peritoneum. This procedure obviates the need for a large opening in the peritoneum and its subsequent closure.
  • SERATEX┬« SlimSling┬« is visible on MRI scans.
  • The material used for SERATEX┬« SlimSling┬« is produced in this width and does not have to be cut. It can be tied and behaves in a similar way to suture material.
  • It does not, however, cut through the tissues like a suture thread, but provides an area of support.
  • The slim SERATEX┬« SlimSling┬« tape implant introduces minimal foreign material.

Plus points for the patients

  • minimal foreign body component with optimal pore size
  • the tape implant holds its shape while at the same time remaining flexible
  • minimal trauma due to the optimal fit of the needle and textile tape


a: standard mesh that is cut to size - the implant no longer holds its shape

b: SERATEX® SlimSling® - no cutting necessary, the implant holds its shape

Product range

SERATEX® SlimSling®

SERATEX® L MR, 0,3x90 cm
Needle HRX-27
MRI visible
PU 3 pieces

STL00401 3

SERATEX® L MR, 0,3x90 cm
Needle HRX-27
MRI visible
PU 1 piece

STL0040150 1