Innovation And Tradition


SERAG-WIESSNER is a medium-sized company that is family-owned and managed. We can now look back on a successful company history of 150 years.

Our decisions and developments are determined by continuity and long-term future orientation. This forward thinking has resulted in customer and supplier relations that have been sustained over many decades, as well as the development of new business areas. The two hundred highly qualified and experienced workers at our plant in Naila, northern Bavaria, make a decisive contribution to our success.



As the oldest German manufacturer of surgical suture materials, SERAG-WIESSNER combines many decades of experience with the latest medical know-how.

More than a hundred years ago the company began manufacturing sterile catgut, and later also successfully established itself as the producer of sterile liquid medicinal products. Production efficiency at the plant in Upper Franconia is not only a tradition but also has a great future: the combination of precise craftsmanship and high-tech industrial manufacturing processes meets the highest quality demands for routine production, small-scale production and special designs.

In a cleanroom area of more than 2000 m┬▓, we manufacture textile implants, surgical suture material, infusion and irrigation solutions in accordance with the latest research and state-of-the-art technology. In addition, interdisciplinary teams of in-house and external doctors, pharmacists, biologists, chemists, and engineers develop new, improved, and better-tolerated materials, as well as novel methods of treatment.

Our new logistics centre with a floor space of 6,100 m┬▓ is now available to improve the shipping process and for the storage of drugs and medical devices.

Company facts and figures

  • more than 2000 m┬▓ cleanroom
  • family-owned and managed company
  • 200 highly qualified and motivated employees

Looking back:

In the year 1866, Carl Wiessner founded a company that would come to combine tradition and innovation in many ways.

At the beginning of the 20th century he started the industrial manufacture of sterile catgut. The years that followed were eventful, culminating in 1945 with the destruction caused by World War II, which led to the company being relocated to northern Bavaria. Nine years later, in 1954, the new plant was opened in Naila in Upper Franconia. Amalgamating Carl WiessnerÔÇÖs catgut production plant with SERAG in 1961 to form SERAG-WIESSNER brought the company much greater production potential. From this time onwards, development has been dynamic and future-orientated:

Our anniversary brochure

150 years SERAG-WIESSNER 1866ÔÇô2016

1963 Start of the production of infusion solutions. Opening a further production facility
1972 Extension of buildings
1980 Increase of production area
1986 New building for infusion solution production, with filling line and sterilisation in compliance with GMP
1989 Start of distribution in the newly-formed German states
1994 Completion of a new building with 1600 m┬▓ cleanroom for the manufacture of suture materials
2000 Commissioning of the new automated and fully integrated packing line for sutures, as well as the distillation plant for infusion solutions
2001 Further 400 m2 cleanroom in suture production. Addition of a second filling line for infusion solutions
2002 Introduction and accreditation of an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001
2003 General renovation and extension
2005 Complete re-certification and adaptation of the management system in line with the latest quality and environment standards of DIN EN ISO 13485:2003 and DIN EN ISO 14001:2005. Participation in the Bavarian environmental pact with projects as part of integrated product policy
2007 Opening of a new conference centre
2010 Large photovoltaic system installed on the administration and production buildings. Rehabilitation of the power supply installations
2012 A new logistics centre located in Selbitz meets all present-day storage requirements for medicinal products and medical devices. The buildingÔÇÖs state-of-the-art energy management does not make any use of fossil fuels.
2013 Modernisation of solution production with replacement of the filling plant and updating the clean room technology
2016 SERAG-WIESSNER has existed for 150 years