Always a solution

Besides surgical suture materials and textile implants, sterile solutions are the third division of our company. We manufacture not only standard infusion solutions, sterile liquid products for treating wounds, and numerous special solutions but also solutions made up to the customer’s specific formulations. We can deliver many of these products immediately from stock. And it should be noted that we have improved the packaging for the individual applications. Our aim is clear: we want to be able to offer the most practicable and best tolerated solution for each purpose, from the viewpoint of the patient as well as the person in charge of the treatment.



LAVANID Wundspühllösung für die Wundbehandlung

Wound irrigation solutions with preservative, based on Ringer's solution, German Pharmacopoeia (DAB) 7

LAVANID® Wound Gel

LAVANID-Verband LAVANID-Wundgel für die Wundbehandlung

Hydrogels with preservative, with varying degrees of viscosity


LAVANID-Verband für die Wundbehandlung

Ready-to-use sterile, moist dressing with polihexanide.

LAVANOX-Serag® wound irrigation solution

Alternative wound irrigation solution and wound spray with sodium hypochlorite

LAVANOX-Serag® wound spray gel

LAVANOX® wound spray gel is a hydrogel in an innovative dosage form for use as a spray.


Electrolyte, carrier and carbohydrate solutions

Sterile cleansing and eye irrigation solutions

SERACIT Lösungsorientiert

Individual indications and developments

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