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SERALOC® – Tissue closure of the latest generation

More and more demands are being placed on surgical suture material. Precise and secure handling and optimal tolerability for the patient are of utmost importance.

SERALOC® will initially be available in combination with the proven suture material SERASYNTH® as SERASYNTH® LOC. SERASYNTH® is a monofilament polydioxanone thread with a half-life of 28–42 days and is completely absorbed after 180–210 days.

Further materials and designs are currently in development!

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Minute details – great results

SERALOC® is a new suture technique that combines these requirements. This is achieved by making minute changes to the thread. With great results.

To date, sutures have always had to be secured with an initial knot. SERALOC® now makes this step superfluous. The beginning of the thread is welded into a stable loop. A small modification at first glance, however, it saves the surgeon time and eliminates the need for an extra hand. A further decisive advantage lies in the minute detail: the thread is equipped with unidirectional barbs at regular intervals.

Closely following nature’s example, it is precisely these very fine resistance points that provide significantly more efficacy and safety. The tension is more evenly distributed over the entire suture, thereby achieving increased closure safety.

Visibly different

  • Loop size optimally adapted for easy needle insertion
  • Thread with unidirectional barbs
  • Optimised thread length for laparoscopic use
  • Easy handling in confined situations
  • Minimised memory effect

Noticeably better

  • No change in surgical technique
  • Saves time
  • No extra hand required
  • Less material required
  • More uniform and manageable tension
  • Prevents knot complications
SERASYNTH LOC Faden Nahtmaterial
SERASYNTH LOC Faden Nahtmaterial
SERASYNTH LOC Faden Nahtmaterial

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