When the treatment of breast cancer necessitates the removal of the entire breast (mastectomy), the breast can be reconstructed either immediately as part of the same operation or later once the cancer therapy has been completed. Several surgical steps, in which the breast is reconstructed using either the body’s natural tissues or silicone implants, are usually required for this.


  • can be adapted to the anatomy
  • a very soft implant remains after absorption
  • orientation stripes for optimised implantation
  • colourless after cell ingrowth

Mesh-assisted reconstruction of the female breast

SERAGYN® BR Properties

SERAGYN® BR is a soft mesh implant, which supports and bridges weakened or damaged tissue. It is pre-cut to meet the anatomical requirements.

As the breast tissue often cannot withstand the pressure of a tissue expander, SERAGYN® BR can be used to provide the necessary support and, in the process, can be individually adapted to meet the specific needs of each patient.

The mesh is incorporated into the breast tissue and the natural cell structures soon grow into it. Most of it dissolves within about 90-120 days. Only a minimal residue remains permanently in the body. This ensures sustained and optimised stability.

Thanks to the extremely light mesh used for SERAGYN® BR, the implants are very well tolerated and afford great patient satisfaction.

SERAGYN®BR Technical data

Polypropylene (non-absorbable)
Polyglycolic acid-caprolactone (absorbable)
Dissolution time of the
absorbable portion
approx. 90 - 120 days
Weight per unit area
before absorption 85 g/m²
after absorption 28 g/m²
Stitch width
between 2 and 4 mm


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