Benefits: LAVANID® dressing

  • Sterile, moist dressing with polihexanide
  • Efficient infection prophylaxis
  • Dissolves the biofilm and cleans the wound
  • Good vertical absorption of exudate
  • Easy and safe handling


A thorough cleaning of the wound is a basic requirement for optimal wound care and fundamental to rapid healing. LAVANID® dressings now perfectly complement the LAVANID® 1/2 wound irrigation solutions and the LAVANID® /LAVANID® V+ wound gels. The new product puts the finishing touch to an optimally coordinated system for primary wound care. We can therefore provide a full wound care system from cleaning to the primary covering of acute and chronic wounds.

Description and product profile

The LAVANID® dressing is a ready-to-use sterile, moist dressing with polihexanide.

After thoroughly cleaning the wound with LAVANID® wound irrigation solutions and applying LAVANID® wound gel if required, the LAVANID® dressing is applied as primary covering. 

The primary dressing consists of a biocellulose matrix with an antimicrobial complex. This complex in the dressing provides efficient infection prophylaxis against micro-organisms, protecting against bacterial and fungal pathogens. 

LAVANID® dressings dissolve biofilms to create an optimal milieu for the formation of granulation tissue in acute and chronic wounds. The wound contact meshes on both sides of the dressing prevent it from adhering to the wound, which makes dressing changes easier and more comfortable.

NEW: LAVANID® - dressing - 5 x 5 cm in peel-off sachet

Optimal wound care

Can be combined with conventional secondary dressings!

Anwendung LAVANID-Verband für die Wundbehandlung

Indications for use

LAVANID® dressings are used for acute and chronic wounds with a risk of infection.

For example:

  • venous leg ulcers
  • diabetic foot syndrome
  • pressure sores (up to grade 3)
  • postoperative wounds
  • burns (up to second degree)
  • superficial wounds, such as split-skin graft donor sites

Safe and versatile application

  • Can be used on both sides
  • Very easy to drape or cut
  • Good vertical absorption of exudate
  • Rapid and efficient wound debridement
  • Can be used in all phases of wound healing



Anwendung LAVANID-Verband für die Wundbehandlung
Ready-to-use moist dressing for direct application on the wound.
Anwendung LAVANID-Verband für die Wundbehandlung
Can be easily cut, draped or used as a tampon for packing the wound.
Can also be additionally moistened with LAVANID® wound gel (with dry wounds)
Art.Nr. PIP-code Quantity PU
01630515202175Moist dressing 5x5cm10Order
01631012388506Moist dressing 10x10cm10Order

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